Feather & Jewelry Care

Caring for your new
sacred feathers couldn't be easier!


When you unpack your feathers,  I recomend that you hold them over steam from a tea kettle or hand held steamer. Hold them as close to the steam as you can, about 1 inch away. This will straighten them out and fluff up the fibers after being flattened during shipping.

The steam realigns the protiens in the feathers. It only takes a few minutes and you will be amazed with the results. After steaming the feathers watch them straighten right out!

 How to maintain, clean and keep feathers beautiful

Do not wear while applying any hair products or perfumes. Do not apply anything on the feathers. This could damage them.

 To fluff feathers Use either an eyelash brush or a designated small tooth brush. Lightly brush downward only, going with the flow of the feathers.

 How to care for Brass Adornments 

Brass does oxidize over time with hand oils and certain environment exposures. I recommend using brasso to clean & brighten up the brass. Apply with a qtip-a light layer over brass. After 30 seconds use qtip to rub in cleaner over brass to remove oxidation. Do not apply to any feathers. Remove remaining cleaner with alcohol with a cloth. A Buffing cloth after adds the finishing touch for that extra shine.

 Spiral Earrings

The hoop part that hangs from earlob, has a flexible back. It is best to squeeze the back part in, towards the front after hanging in the ear. This closes the ear post! The secret to not loosing them on the dance floor!


Multi Purpose Face Chain 

 All ear post can be removed easily from the loop and attached to your own earrings or hoop of choice. These are nickel and copper free and work well with people who have sensitive ears. They also can detach from the earring post and attach to my custom multi-purpose chain! Can be worn as A face chain, a forehead chain, A crown chain, a headband chain, tucking the chain behind the ears once chain is placed in desired look. The chain can also be worn as a necklace. Attaching the two ends of the chains together having feathers hang as a necklace. Or as a choker chain, attaching one end of the chain hoop around the other Chain,  bringing it up the hoop towards the neck, for a choker look. These chains will be listed soon with pictures on how to wear them. Chains are sold separately.