Sacred Geometry Collection

One thing We’ve noticed that unites all people, wherever we are, and whatever our circumstances -- our yearning for a better world. We all dream of a world free of suffering where we live in harmony, mutual understanding and the love born of it. What We’ve realized though, from many experiences and observations is this-- the world we want to create, depends on the actions we take as individuals. However, part of the solution but not the solution in itself, is to have reminders all around us, that affirm our ideals subconsciously and consciously and reinforce our higher thinking and spiritual goals. Whether it is adorning with sacred geometry, a symbol or spreading love through art, all these things for the right individual can remind them of their values and help to uplift them in life! 

I wanted to share this love with everyone, so that you would enjoy them as reminders of our connection to something bigger than us: something that makes us compassionate, giving, gentle, kind, loving, tolerant, positive and joyful.
Aligning and staying on the path of bringing messages intended to uplift humanity and connect us to our highest Self. For as Paramahansa Yogananda had said: "
Everything else can wait, but our search for God cannot wait." Thank you for your interest in this newest addition to my collection!